It is esseneally impossible to disenguish between a

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Unformatted text preview: progress. E.g., if A depends on inserEng some data, in order to progress, and B depends on removing that same data in order to progress, there is the potenEal for livelock if they interleave they execuEon (i.e., A ­>B ­>A ­>B ­> …). T7: Failure Transparency (1) 19     Hide that a resource has failed or has recovered. A process should not fail if a resource (oden unknown to the former) has failed or has recovered.       For example, if a web browser tries to access a page, it may Eme out. This doesn’t mean that the web server is down. The implicaEon is that it is difficult for the user (the browser in this case) to deal with the situaEon appropriately due to incomplete/...
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