One can compensate with wrappers mappers mediator

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Unformatted text preview: ways.   One simple example: file:///Users/alvaro/signature.txt file:///C|\Documents%20and%20Settings \alvaro\signature.txt T1: Access Transparency (2) 7         Access transparency is not, in general, as challenging as other transparencies. One can compensate with wrappers, mappers, mediator middleware. For example, modern web browsers deal with the above gracefully when they can. It is sEll not quite trivial. T2: LocaEon Transparency (1) 8     Hide that the node where a resource is located is typically not known. Providers (applicaEon centres, data centres) use different concrete machines/nodes to hold and provide access to a resource.     For one single name, there can be a choice of concrete nodes. Each can serve requests addressed to that name: $ host is an alias for is an alias for has addr...
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