T6 concurrency transparency 2 17 concurrency

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Unformatted text preview: uch that any two accesses to to any two replicas at all Emes produce the same outcome is quite challenging. T6: Concurrency Transparency (1) 16     Hide that the same resource may be shared by different users that (oden without awareness of the fact) compete for access to the resource. Providers need to reduce the occasions in which access to a resource is given to one user to the exclusion of all others.       For example, many users may be retrieving a wiki page. More challengingly, many users may be updaEng it. This oden requires sophisEcated treatment of issues to avoid deadlock, update volaElity and final inconsistent states. T6: Concurrency Transparency (2) 17         Concurrency transparency is oden the most challenging. There is the issue that one user may leave the resource in an inconsistent state. For example, it may fail before the logical compleEon of its task. For example, withdrawing money from one account without succeeding in depo...
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