The internet uses domain name servers dns for this

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Unformatted text preview: ess has address has address has address $ host domain name pointer $ T2: LocaEon Transparency (2) 9         LocaEon transparency can, in general, be tackled. The Internet uses domain name servers (DNS) for this purpose. DNS is a successful in many respects, providing locaEon transparency. However, the problem, in general, can be hard to solve without some kind of consensual controller. T3: MigraEon Transparency (1) 10     Hide that a resource may move from one concrete node to another between two accesses. Providers may move a resource from one concrete node to another (e.g., to even out the demands placed on each node, if more popular resources happen to be sited in the same node).   For example:   could be moved from http://209.85.227...
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