all of the above are crucial in crossenterprise

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Unformatted text preview: R is implemented as a service. Such a service (as provided by companies X, Y, etc.) is then adverBsed in a service directory. Once there, it can be searched and found. Once found, the OF process in company Z has all the informaBon needed to bind itself to company X’s CR process in order to send X a RFQ. In the other direcBon, X will have found informaBon about Z’s OF process and, binding to it, can send Z a RFQ response. bid CR RFQ response RFQ order resources orders received OP component RFQ response OF RFQ order orders fulfilled MRs product payment IP invoice Supply Chain Management in WS ­* SOA (2) 16         WS ­* SOA allows for a late ­ binding RMI architecture. A provider places a web service descripBon (in a WS ­* standard known as WSDL) in a registry. Service descripBons can be found by a requester. The returned WSDL document tells the provider how to send a SOAP r...
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