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Unformatted text preview: ­Distributed Systems (2) 6           Such systems are inherently ­ distributed. We could refer to this integraBon strategy as a case of unite ­and ­ conquer. At best, we can provide the illusion of a centralized computaBon (if we meet all the transparency goals, that is). This can be done at a fine grain, i.e., the level of algorithms and applicaBons. For example, in bioinformaBcs, scienBsts are o]en interested in pooling together different resources and tools about a disease.         At a coarse grain, companies are o]en interested in virtualizing enBre business processes. For example, procuring supplies, obtaining components, shipping products. If constrained to one company, a distributed system of this kind is o]en referred to as an enterprise applica2on integra2on (EAI) system. If it spans many companies, it is o]en referred to as a business ­to ­ business (B2B) integra2on system. Example 1: Supply Chain Management (1) 7  ...
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