For example ian fleming from russia with love would

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Unformatted text preview: xample 2: RIAs and Mashups 10     Rich Internet applica2ons (RIA) run in web browsers and o]en rely on asynchronous Javascript to provide the look ­and ­feel of desktop applicaBons to distributed systems. For example, Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, etc. can be seen as RIAs.     Web mashups are also a class of distributed applicaBons that rely on asynchronous Javascript at the client side and on data feeds and data services on the server side. A web mashup is a lightweight web applicaBon that combines processing and data resources from different sources into a single integrated applicaBon. Example 2: RIAs and Mashups 11     Imagine a web applicaBon in which you enter informaBon about a book (say, its author/ Btle) and in return you get data about the book, and maps where scenes in it take place. For example, Ian Fleming/ From Russia With Love...
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