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Here our mobvabon to design and engineer this

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Unformatted text preview: like their MapReduce engine). IntegraBng Inherently ­Distributed Systems (1) 5   Consider now the case (with respect to the diagram to the right) in which:         A This o]en arises: it is the case in which there are pre ­exis2ng resources (both processes and data) that one may wish to integrate. Here, our moBvaBon to design and engineer this applicaBon as a distributed system is effec2veness, not efficiency. G O D ALGO ≠ A ≠L≠G ≠O (i.e., the code in each machine differs); DATA ≠ D ∪ A’ ∪ T ∪ A’’ (i.e., the inputs to each piece of code are not parBBons of a single data set). L A’ T A’’ ALGO DATA   In other words, we don’t have the choice of running the code in a single machine:     we may not own the resources (both processes and data) required, or they may be sca`ered within the enterprise. IntegraBng Inherently...
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