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In ws this protocol is called soap the acronym is no

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Unformatted text preview: would return a mashup of:       data about the book the plot summary with highlighted place names like London, Istanbul, etc. maps of these places mashup author/title (Javascript-enabled) web browser [map1, place …, names mapn] author/title summary summary Amazon place Google WS WS names Yahoo term extractor Web Services: Two Views (1) 12       Although the Web was not intended to be an infrastructure for distributed compuBng, its universality led to it being used in this way. There are two principal ways in which the noBon of web services is currently understood. There is the WS ­* view and there is the RESTful services view (more on both later on).       The WS ­* view is that the Web (or more precisely, HTTP) is a foundaBon over which one can add a so]ware layer for distributed compuBng. In the WS ­* view, the components behind URIs interact using a higher ­up protocol, i.e., one for which HTTP is but a transport mechanism. In WS ­*, this...
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