In such cases steps tend not to be naturally

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Unformatted text preview: wser summary … …. Amazon WS Service=AWSECommerceService& Operation=ItemLookup& AWSAccessKeyId=XXX& ItemId=071815388X Bookplace Mashup in RESTful ROA (2) 19         RESTful ROA seems quite simple, agile and flexible compared to WS ­* SOA. However, there are no standards to underpin applicaBon development. If the added value that comes with WS ­* standards ma`ers (and in this book place mashup it probably doesn’t), then using RESTful WS may imply buying into a significant development overhead. In a RESTful ROA, the primary composiBon mechanism is, as in the web, hyperlink ­based.         This works well in cases like the book place mashup because the web browser in the client acts as the sole source and sink for the various steps in the process. The steps themselves are independent: only the web browser interrelates them. So, the web browser fires another HTTP request (e.g., to the Yahoo Term Extractor) based on the response that it got from the previou...
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