In the restful view the endpoints are resource

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Unformatted text preview: protocol is called SOAP (the acronym is no longer decoded). Web Services: Two Views (2) 13         The WS ­* view is so called because it is defined by a family of standards, most of which start with ‘WS ­’. In the WS ­* view, the interacBng components are seen as process abstrac2ons, i.e., they bundle together one or more operaBons that the service provider implements. Endpoints are hosted by service providers or service requesters. The WS ­* view is seen as an example of a service ­oriented architecture (SOA).       In WS ­* SOA, the SOAP ­based interacBon between requesters and providers is inspired by a previous style of remote procedure call encoded as an XML document (XML ­RPC). A SOAP message by a service requester process essenBally encodes the invocaBon of an operaBon in the service provider process. This means that WS ­* is a hybrid architecture: it uses message exchange, but the mess...
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