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Unformatted text preview: ages tend to encode a remote method invocaBon. Web Services: Two Views (3) 14           The RESTful services view takes it name from the idea of representa2onal state transfer (REST). In the RESTful view, the endpoints are resource abstrac2ons. The interacBons between components are operaBons on resources. The RESTful view is seen as an example of a resource ­ oriented architecture (ROA). In RESTful ROA, the web is a distributed compuBng engine.         More precisely, one designs interacBons using the HTTP verbs (i.e., GET, PUT, POST, DELETE) to create, retrieve, update, and delete resources. In this view, components behind URIs remain HTTP servers: there is no higher ­up protocol. The payload of RESTful messages are either resources or specificaBons of acBons on them. This lightweight approach leads some to refer to the WS ­* view as the “Big” ­WS view. Supply Chain Management in WS ­* SOA (1) 15           In WS ­* SOA, a process such as C...
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