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Unformatted text preview: equest and how to process the corresponding SOAP response. register WSDL([email protected]) registry find(CR) WSDL([email protected]) service requester Z service provider X SOAP(RFQ response) [email protected] [email protected] SOAP(RFQ) Supply Chain Management in WS ­* SOA (3) 17       WS ­* SOA seems quite heavyweight. However, it comes with a lot of added value that ma`ers a lot in EAI and B2B contexts. For example, it comes with standards ­based:             security, authenBcaBon and authorizaBon, robust addressing, reliable messaging, transacBonal semanBcs, lifeBme management, etc.. All of the above are crucial in cross ­enterprise supply chain management, for example.       WS ­* SOA also has standards for composing simpler services into more complex ones (a process referred to as orchestra2on) and for structuring service calls into complex computaBons (a process called choreography). Note also that much of the burden is miBgat...
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