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So the web browser res another http request eg to the

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Unformatted text preview: ed by sophisBcated tooling: developers can go a long way into creaBng EAI and B2B applicaBons in point ­and ­click fashion. Using a RESTful ROA for supply chain management would simply shi] the burden, not do away with it: the needs that the WS ­* standards cater for won’t go away. Bookplace Mashup in RESTful ROA (1) 18         InteracBon with RESTful WS is via HTTP. The specificaBon of the resource to be returned is encoded as a URI using the ‘?’ and ‘&’ ­ separated list of a`ribute ­value pairs idioms. For example, if Ian Fleming/From Russia With Love has ISBN 071815388X, the URI to the right would cause Amazon Web Services to return data about the book as an XML document. Most RESTful WS can return the lightweight, more pracBcal JSON (Javascript Object NotaBon) representaBon. mashup author/title (Javascript-enabled) web bro...
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