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Unformatted text preview: Customer Response (CR)           Bid/quote matching Planning procurement of supplies GeneraBng manufacturing requests (MRs) Order Fulfillment (OF)         CR RFQ response Procuring supplies Manufacturing products Shipping products Invoice and Payment (IP)     Sending invoices Receiving payments RFQ order Order Processing (OP)     Bidding for orders Responding to request for quotaBons (RFQs) bid resources orders received OP component RFQ response OF RFQ order orders fulfilled MRs product payment IP invoice Example 1: Supply Chain Management (2) 8           Inside the organizaBon, the different business processes (e.g., CR, OP, OF, IP) may be physically remote from each other. This means that EAI o]en naturally gives rise to a distributed system. Note too that the overall process is potenBally recursive (i.e., to fulfill an order that was obtained in response to a RFQ, the supplier may itself become a procurer and issue RFQs to others). So, the OF business process in one...
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