If you like start up a second python interpreter in

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Unformatted text preview: he value you put in before, with no html at all. A web browser would actually be well within its rights to refuse to render anything at all here, since this clearly isn’t a valid ‘web page’ – but fortunately for us, most web browsers will do the sensible thing and just show the plain text that comes back under these circumstances. Try typing: print server[’pythonTest1’] and you should get back the ‘hello’ string you’ve just put in. Finally, make sure you can unset the value by typing: del(server[’pythonTest1’])3 and once again take a look at the contents of the server store using your browser to convince yourself that it has indeed removed the key/value pair. Just to convince yourself that this is acting as a simple distributed system, set some variable using a browser and the URL method, and once you’ve done that, get that variable in python. Then try it the other way round. If you like, start up a second python interpreter in another window (but from the same directory), and try setting a key/value pair in one, and retrieving it in the other. Now we have a means of causing a ‘central server’ to remember a state set by one program, and retrieving it in a totally independent other program. If you can find someone else who's got to this stage, you’re welcome (in fact, encouraged) to spend a few minutes with them trying to talk to their server instead of your own – all you have to do is to substitute their username instead of yours in the URL of the parameter to the im.IMServer; they can then set a key/value pair, which you can retrieve. IMPORTANT: you MUST do this in co ­operation with the other person. You MUST NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES mess around with someone else’s server without their consent because...
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