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Unformatted text preview: ’ve probably learned something valuable about distributed computing! To start with, you’ll need to download some files that we’ve prepared for you. Get them from: http://pod.cs.man.ac.uk/comp10052-ex2.tar.gz You’ll need to ‘untar’ this archive of files in order to get at its contents. Do this using the command1: tar xvzf comp10052-ex2.tar.gz This should create a directory called comp10052 ­ex2, containing two files, ‘im.py’ and ‘IMServer.php’. If this is the case, all is well and you can continue with the exercise. Otherwise, if you’ve followed the instructions properly but don’t have these files, something odd has happened, and you should probably get some help from a demonstrator at this stage. 1 Depending on which web browser you’ve used, and how you’ve set it up, you might find that the act of downloading the archive has already caused some of the un ­archiving process to take place already. If you find that you’ve got a file ending in ‘.tar’ rather than ‘.gz’, then your browser has (helpfully?) decompressed the file as it was downloaded. In this case you’ll need to unpack its contents using the command ‘tar xvf comp10052 ­ex2.tar’ instead. The IMServer.php file, as the name suggests, is going to act as your server. Copy this file in to your project_html directory (which is in your home directory). Change the permissions of the file so that it can be seen by the webserver (chmod a+r IMServer.php) and then confirm that you can access it via a web browser using the URL http://soba.cs.man.ac.uk/~myusername/IMServer.php You should get a page with just the heading ‘COMP10052 IM Server’ in it, in which case all is well (if there’s another line, after the heading, containing...
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