MSE405-505 2013C Problem Set 1

A 05 m long rod of annealed 410 stainless steel was

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Unformatted text preview: approximately equal in the limit of small strains. € 5. Assuming that the true stress- strain curve of a material obeys the flow curve σ = Kε n , solve for the value of strain at the point of a necking instability, εu 6. A 0.5 m long rod of annealed 410 stainless steel was loaded to failure in tension. The rod € originally had a square cross section measuring 1.25 cm on a side. a. What was the load necessary to break the sample? b. If 85% of the total elongation occurred prior to the onset of localized deformation, compute the true stress at the point of incipient necking. 7. Briefly describe a macroscopic mechanical testing method other than the ones we discussed in class. Consider the following questions in your description: a. What are the working principles of the method? b. What is...
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