MSE405-505 2013C Problem Set 2

A write out the three equations that express the three

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Unformatted text preview: 30o from the grain? 3. The thermal conductivity κ is a 2nd rank tensor that relates the heat flux h to the temperature gradient ∇T according to the relationship: hi = κ ij dT . dx j € The thermal conductivity of graphite is # 355 0 0& % ( κ ij = % 0 355 0 ( J /( m⋅ s⋅ K ) € % ( 0 89' $0 referred to Cartesian coordinates in which the x1 and x2 axes are in the basal plane and the x3 axis is along the c axis of the crystal. € (a) Write out the three equations that express the three components of h1, h2, and h3 of the heat flux for a graphite single crystal. (b) A thin layer of graphite is required in a small device, and heat conduction th...
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