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MSE405-505 2012C Midterm

Label all axes and characteristic properties that can

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Unformatted text preview: Signature: _______________________________________ 1 (1) Sketch (schematically) typical room temperature engineering stress- strain curves for the following material classes: (a) ductile metal, (b) “ideal” elastic- perfectly- plastic material, (c) covalently- bound semiconductor, and (d) rubber. Label all axes and characteristic properties that can be determined from these curves. (5 pts) (2) Describe the desirable mechanical properties of ductile metals that would allow for large uniform plastic deformation subjected to uniaxial tension (i.e. to offset a necking instability). (4 pts) 2 (3) Draw two 3D Cartesian coordinate systems, original = unprimed and new = primed, which are related to each other by the following transformation matrix: a11= 2 / 2 ; a12=0; a13= 2 / 2 ; a21=1/2; a22= 2 / 2 ; a23=1/2; a31=1/2; a32=- 2 / 2 ; a33=1/2. Does this represent a pure rotation? Why or why not? (5 pts)...
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