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MSE405-505 2012C Midterm

Part i 30 pts part ii 70 pts show all of your steps

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Unformatted text preview: hich experiences large tensile loads from centripetal forces during use. What crystal orientation would you choose along the tensile axis of the blade (vertical axis) to minimize the gap between the blade tip and the surrounding shroud, which will lead to greatest engine efficiency? You may assume that the superalloy exhibits the same elastic behavior as pure Ni. Briefly explain your choice. (5 pts) 5 MSE/MEAM 405/505 FALL 2012 MECHANICAL BEHAVIOR OF MACRO/NANOSCALE MATERIALS U NIVERSITY OF P ENNSYLVANIA MIDTERM PART II: OPEN- BOOK / OPEN- NOTES • Total time for exam = 90 min • There are 2 parts to this midterm. Part I = closed- book and Part II = open book / open notes • Once you complete Part I, please turn this in and you will receive Part II. • Part I = 30 pts, Part II = 70 pts • Show all of your steps • Keep an eye on the clock! If y...
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