MSE405-505 2012C Final Exam

01 c upon reaching the equilibrium volume fraction of

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Unformatted text preview: d (cooled rapidly) from high temperature down to room temperature, ordered CuBe precipitates form within a Cu- rich matrix. However, subsequent heating at intermediate temperatures results in an aging phenomenon, wherein the yield strength changes with aging time. (Material Data: µ = 40 GPa ; b = 0.26 nm; D650K = 1.7 x 10-18 m2/s; assume average Schmid factor for polycrystal giving σ = 3τ ) (a) You suspect that initial aging at T=650K is related to continued € precipitation until the equilibrium volume fraction of precipitate (f = 2%) is reached. Calculate the time (tc) required to reach the equilibrium volume fraction assuming that the volume fraction increases linearly with aging time. Assume the initial precipitate density is constant (=1023 m- 3) from the beginning of aging and tha...
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