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MSE405-505 2012C Final Exam

List the material properties needed for such a

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Unformatted text preview: ould this loop expand or shrink? (8 pts) 4 (6) Give estimates for the theoretical (i) shear and (ii) tensile strengths of a defect- free crystal in terms of its elastic constants. Consider the mechanism used to derive the theoretical shear strength: draw (schematically) a plot of shear stress vs. relative shear displacement that gives (iii) an upper limit and (iv) a more realistic estimate of shear strength in a perfect crystal. (6 pts) (7) Describe in words how the Griffith theory of brittle fracture, using energy methods, is used to determine the critical point at which a crack propagates. List the material properties needed for such a prediction. Should material properties be relatively large or small to increase a material’s resistance to fracture? (5 pts)...
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