MSE405-505 2012C Final Exam

MSE405-505 2012C Final Exam

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Unformatted text preview: ete Part I, please turn this in and you will receive Part II. • Part I = 50 pts (~30%), Part II = 120 pts (~70%) • Show all of your steps • Keep an eye on the clock! If you are running out of time, then solve everything algebraically and then numerically (plug and chug) later. • Part I – Use the spaces provided on the exam to fill in your answers • Part II – Use the examination booklet provided to work out your answers USE THE EXAM BOOKLET TO COMPLETE YOUR WORK. PLEASE COMPLETE THE INFORMATION ON THE FRONT AND SIGN THE ACADEMIC HONESTY AND INTEGRITY STATEMENT. 1 (1) Cu alloy 82500 has a composition of 98 wt.%Cu – 2 wt.%Be and is used in applications requiring high electrical and thermal conductivity. You have been asked to optimize the microstructure for maximum yield strength. When quenche...
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