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MSE405-505 2012C Final Exam

Part i 50 pts 30 part ii 120 pts 70 show

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Unformatted text preview: 5 (8) Researchers at Stanford recently synthesized branched PbSe nanowires that show a chiral morphology (see images below). Electron microscopy revealed screw dislocations along the axis of the primary nanowire (i.e. the “tree trunk”). Using your knowledge of dislocations, briefly explain why the primary nanowire twists about its own axis, as beautifully demonstrated by the branched nanowires. (6 pts) Primary'nanowire' Branched' nanowires' 6 THIS PAGE LEFT INTENTIONALLY BLANK 7 MSE/MEAM 405/505 FALL 2012 MECHANICAL BEHAVIOR OF MACRO/NANOSCALE MATERIALS U NIVERSITY OF P ENNSYLVANIA FINAL EXAM PART II: OPEN- BOOK / OPEN- NOTES • Total time for exam = 120 min • There are 2 parts to this midterm. Part I = closed- book and Part II = open book / open notes • Once you compl...
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