MSE405-505 2012C Final Exam

MSE405-505 2012C Final Exam

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Unformatted text preview: __________________________ I certify that these documents represent my own independent work on this exam. I have used only my brain and my calculator on Part I, and my brain, calculator, course textbook, and course notes on Part II. Signature: _______________________________________ 1 (1) Describe 2 distinct possible interactions between a glissile dislocation and a precipitate. In the context of strengthening mechanisms, rank the interactions in decreasing magnitude of strengthening expected from each mechanism. (5 pts) (2) Briefly describe why some materials that are ductile as single crystals become brittle in polycrystalline form? Describe the approach (use either text or equations) used to predict whether a polycrystal will be intrinsically ductile or not. (6 pts)...
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