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MSE405-505 2012C Final Exam

F calculate the critical value of misorientation angle

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Unformatted text preview: g to r 3 = rc3 + KDt , where rc is the particle size at tc and K = 2 x 10- 9 m. Beyond tc , the precipitate loses coherency relative to the host material. Calculate the obstacle shear strength as a function of aging time assuming a dislocation bowing mechanism. 2 (d) Calculate the maximum yield strength σ Y of this material predicted over the entire aging process (i.e. the peak aging strength) and the corresponding optimal aging time. Assume the Peierl’s stress of the host material is negligible compared w€ the obstacle strength. ith (35 points total) ________________________________________________________ (2) A symmetric tilt grain boundary with small misorientation angle between two adjacent grains can be described by an array of equally spaced edge dislocations (spaced by distance s), as shown below. Assu...
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