Assignment 3 Fall 2013_SOLN_revised

05d 10610c 20c 003d at 17c determine 226 days assume

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Unformatted text preview: - 20C= 0.05/d (1.06)10C - 20C= 0.03/d At 17C -> Determine Ө Ө = 2.26 days Assume residence time does change At 10C Therefore the max effluent concentration will be exceeded. 3.) An aerated lagoon with a volume of 18,000 m3 is treating a wastewater with the following properties: Q = 2000 m3/day TSS = 150 mg/L VSS = 100 mg/L nbVSS = 50 mg/L bCOD = 200 mg/L The following biokinetic coefficients apply for the design conditions: k = 5 d-1 Ks = 35 mg bCOD/L Y = 0.4 mg VSS/mg bCOD kd = 0.08 d-1 fd = 0.15 mg VSS/mg VSS Estimate the following parameters: i.) Concentration of viable biomass (as VSS) in the aeration basin effluent Solution: Ө = V/Q = 18000m3/2000m3/d = 9d ii.) Concentration of growth-related VSS in the basin effluent Solution: Growth related biomass = Viable biomass + endogenous decay products XgrowthVSS = (1 + fdKd)Xm...
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