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6oc and the temperature correction coefficient is 106

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Unformatted text preview: ure of 15.6oC and the temperature correction coefficient is 1.06. Design a lagoon with a depth of 3.0 m to achieve an effluent soluble bCOD of 20 mg/L. Also calculate the daily oxygen demand and sludge production. The biokinetic parameters determined at 20oC are as follows: k = 6.0 d-1; Y = 0.65 ; Ks = 100 mg/L ; kd = 0.07 dTry Ө = V/Q = 4d V = Q Ө = 3800 m3/d (4d) = 15200 m3 Area = V/depth = 15200m3/3m = 5066.7 m2 Correct for temperature: K12.8C = K20C Φ 12.8C - 20C= 6/d (1.06)12.8C - 20C= 3.9/d Kd12.8C = Kd20C Φ 12.8C - 20C= 0.07/d (1.06)12.8C - 20C= 0.05/d Iterate to determine if short residence time (cost savings) would treat water to within limit: Trial 2 3 3d 2d TW (C0 13.7 15.2 Ktw (/d) 4.2 4.5 K...
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