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Assignment 3 Fall 2013_SOLN_revised

85 4674 kgd marks not taken off for leaving as vss o2r

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Unformatted text preview: TSS =397.3kg/d / 0.85 = 467.4 kg/d (marks not taken off for leaving as VSS) O2r = Q(So-S)- 1.42Px = 3800 m3/d (200- 11.3mg/l)/1000 - 1.42(397.3kg/d) = 152.9 mg/L 5.) Design an aerated lagoon that would treat the Galt wastewater to achieve typical final effluent BOD5 concentrations. Clearly identify all assumptions and sources of information. In the design you should estimate TSS production. Assuming that the solids are settled in a downstream settling pond to a solids concentration of 30% solids (300 g/L), how much lagoon volume would be filled annually. Answers vary- see tutorial 5 for general feedback 6.) An activated sludge process is operated for bCOD removal only. Given the following information on the wastewater properties and the operating conditions, estimate the following: Wastewater Flow = 65000 m3/day Aeration basin volume = 30,000 m3 Solids residence time = 5 days BOD5 COD TSS 300 600 400 Wastewater properties (mg/L) sBOD5 sCOD VSS 150 315 325 Assume b...
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