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A sample of the effluent is found to have a bcod

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Unformatted text preview: sample of the effluent is found to have a bCOD concentration of 15 mg/L. Your client is concerned that in the winter, when the temperature of the lagoon decreases to 10oC, the effluent bCOD concentration will exceed the permit limit of 20 mg/L. If you assume the following biokinetic parameters are applicable (at 20oC), what would you advise your client about the likelihood of the permit being exceeded. k = 5 d-1 ; Y = 0.5 mg VSS/mg bCOD ; Ks = 50 mg bCOD/L ; kd = 0.05 d-1; Φ = 1.06 Solution: Correct for 17C and 10C K2 = K20C Φ T2 - 20c K17C = K20C Φ 17C - 20C= 5/d (1.06)17C - 20C= 4.2/d K10C = K20C Φ 10C - 20C= 5/d (1.06)10C - 20C= 2.8/d Kd17C = Kd20C Φ 17C - 20C= 0.05/d (1.06)17C - 20C= 0.04/d Kd10C = Kd20C Φ 10C...
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