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The bioreactor effluent is characterized and found to

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Unformatted text preview: The bioreactor effluent is characterized and found to have the following properties: - Volatile Suspended Solids (Biomass) Concentration = 300 mg VSS/L Soluble BOD5 Concentration = 25 mg BOD5/L Assume COD/VSS ratio for grown biomass is 1.42 mg COD/mg VSS Estimate the mass flow of oxygen that was consumed by the biomass in the bioreactor. Solution: O2 Required = bCODremoved - bCODbiomass = Q (So - S) - 1.42mgCOD/mgVSS * Px Note: Please try out the above form (the method from previous will work, but try and be comfortable with both) Where Px = QXvss Therefore: O2 Required = Q (So - S - 1.42VSS) = 1000 m3/d [ 800mg/l - 40mg/l - 1.42(300 mg/l)] (1000l/m3)(1 kg/10^6 mg) = 334 kg/d 2.) An aerated lagoon is currently treating a wastewater at a temperature of 17oC. A...
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