Assignment 4 Fall 2013 Soln

4 d 1 ks 40 mg bcodl ks 075 mg nh4 nl y 04 g vssg

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Unformatted text preview: 4 d-1 Ks = 40 mg bCOD/L Ks = 0.75 mg NH4-N/L Y = 0.4 g VSS/g bCOD Y = 0.12 g VSS/g N oxidized kd = 0.10 d-1 kd = 0.05 d-1 fd = 0.15 g VSS/g VSS VSS/TSS (all growth related biomass) = 0.85 2.) A wastewater stream has the following properties: Flow Biodegradable COD concentration NH4-N concentration 4000 m3/day 250 mg/L 35 mg/L It is planned to design an activated sludge process that will be able to remove both bCOD and achieve nitrification at a design temperature of 14oC and using a design safety factor of 1.5 f...
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