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5 for the solids residence time the following

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Unformatted text preview: or the solids residence time. The following biokinetic information is available at a temperature of 20oC. Heterotrophs Autotrophs Parameter value Temp Parameter value Correction Coefficient -1 k 5d 1.07 µm 0.5 d-1 Ks 40 mg bCOD/L KN 0.67 mg NH4-N/L Y 0.4 mg VSS/mg Y 0.12 mg VSS/mg NH4 bCOD kd 0.1 d-1 1.04 kd 0.07 d-1 fd 0.15 Temp Correction Coefficient 1.07 1.053 1.04 Correct for temperature a.) Estimate the value of solids residence time at which washout of nitrifiers would be expected under the design conditions. b.)...
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