Assignment 4 Fall 2013 Soln

The waste activated sludge stream has been

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Unformatted text preview: he waste activated sludge stream has been characterized and found to have a flow of 55 m3/hour and a TSS concentration of 9000 mg/L. Assuming that the following biokinetics apply: a.) Estimate the concentration of NH4-N in the final effluent b.) assuming that 85% of the NH4-N is oxidized to NO3-N estimate the fixed suspended solids concentration in the raw wastewater FSS= 15mg/L c.) calculate the mass flow of oxygen that the bacteria demand Raw wastewater: Flow = 4000 m3/hr bCOD – 210 mg/L nbVSS = 40 mg/L NH4-N = 40 mg/L Biokinetics (at operating temperature) Heterotrophs Nitrifiers -1 k=4d µm = 0....
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