CIVE 486 - Final Exam Sample Problems

33x107m3 groundwaterinflow 22x105m3

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Unformatted text preview: s been brought up to 0 ? CivE 486 Final Exam Prep 5. Draw the progress of a wetting front propagating downward through a soil with initial saturation of 50% on the below plot as a series of saturation curves. Describe what is happing in the soil (a) prior to ponding, (b) at ponding, and (c) after ponding. , 6. Measurements of water balance components have been made for a one‐year period on a lake with an area of 4.2 km2 and a drainage basin of 52.1 km2 (including the lake), with the following results: Precip 1083 mm Inflow from Upstream 2.33x107 m3 Groundwater Inflow 2.2x105 m3 Groundwater Outflow 0.6x105 m3 Outflow to downstream 2.7x107 m3 The upstream inflow is sourced from the drainage basin. The lake surface elevation, h, at the end of the year was 108 mm lower than at the beginning. Estimate the evaporation from the lake surface for that year. CivE 486 Final Exam Prep 7. The following subsection of a DEM grid is used to calculate the catchment for a small beaver dam located at the point marked with a grey circle. Each cell is 10,000 sq. meters. NOTE: assume the maximum slope corresponds to the maximum difference in elevati...
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