CIVE 486 - Final Exam Sample Problems


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Unformatted text preview: of grassed area. The runoff from the parking lots and buildings are both routed directly to grassed areas. If the grassed areas contain SCS Type A soil in good condition (CNI,II,and III of 22, 40, and 60, respectively), estimate the maximum runoff from the site for a 180‐mm rainfall event. Assume an initial abstraction 20% of the watershed storage capacity, . 4. Snow surveyors use a snow tube and thermometer recorded the following data from a snow course (the temperature is taken at the midpoint of snow depth to represent the average pack temperature): Point 1 Point 2 Point 3 Point 4 Depth (cm) 92 94 105 93 SWE (cm) 29 30 33 29 Temperature (C) ‐6 ‐5 ‐6 ‐6 (a) Compute the course‐averaged snow density and cold content (b) Assuming a liquid water holding capacity of 3%, how much energy needs to be added to the snowpack before water output begins? (c) Using the degree day melt model, with an average temperature of 2 and a melt rate of 3.5 , how many days will it take to melt the snow after it ha...
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