CIVE 486 - Final Exam Sample Problems


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Unformatted text preview: tude of the design flow under the causeway to be? (d) What is your best guess of the size of the watershed, in km2? Show all calculations and defend all assumptions. CivE 486 Final Exam Prep 2. (a) A 10cm ripe snowpack at zero degrees Celsius sits atop a silty sand with a saturated hydraulic conductivity of 0.072 m/d, porosity of 0.4, initial saturation of 80%, and estimated wetting front suction of ‐20 cm. If the clouds break for a 4‐hour stint in the afternoon, heating the snowpack at a rate of 50 MJ/m2/d, determine the amount of snowmelt released from snowpack. State any required assumptions for your analysis. (b) Using the Green‐Ampt –Mein‐Larson approach, what percentage of this snowmelt infiltrates into the ground? (hint – use the entire melt duration as one time step.). Please perform all calculations in terms of cm and hrs. 3. A proposed 20‐hectare (0.2 km2) development includes 5 ha of parking lots, 10 ha of buildings, and 5 ha...
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