CIVE 486 - Final Exam Sample Problems


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Unformatted text preview: flow initially. Time 9 am 3 pm 9 pm 3 am 9 am 3 pm 9 pm 3 am 9 am 3 pm 9 pm Inflow (cfs) 50 75 150 450 1000 840 750 600 300 100 50 12. Annual extreme flows for a river were analyzed over 56 years and yielded the following statistics: For raw data: mean=100.1 cms, std dev = 45.4 cms, and skew coeff = 0.5 For ln transformed data: mean=4.50, std dev =0.51, and skew coeff = ‐0.72 (a) Determine the 100‐yr return period flood using the normal, lognormal, and log Pearson type III distributions. (make sure you can do this for the 50 yr return period flow or any other return period). (b) A flood flow of 300 cms was just observed for this r...
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