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Thedamreservoirsizeisnegligible cive486finalexamprep

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Unformatted text preview: on between cells (do not actually calculate slopes!) 1 2 3 4 5 A 52 51 52 53 54 B 51 50 51 52 53 C 51 48 49 53 54 DAM D E 49 49 47 53 53 50 45 46 51 (a) What is the outlet cell for the watershed delineated by this DEM? (b) Draw the stream network for this DEM on the blank grid provided, using the 8 pour‐point model to identify slopes. (c) Shade in the cells that are inside the watershed of the beaver dam located in between cells C3 and D3. (d) If each cell is subject to an annual average of 14 cm/year of runoff and the dam reservoir is full and generally running at steady state, what is the average volumetric flow of water (in m3/day) passing through the dam spillways? (the dam reservoir size is negligible) CivE 486 Final Exam Prep 8 8.5 from Chin Text 9. 8.10 from Chin Text 10. 8.38 from Chin Text 11. Given the inflow hydrograph below for an upstream river location, compute the outflow hydrograph 5 miles downstream using the Muskingum method. Assume =12 hrs, =0.15 and outflow equals in...
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