CivE 486 Homework #1 solutions

81and145 respectivelythe100yearstormistherefore 099

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Unformatted text preview: standard deviation of log Q from the method of L‐moments are 4.81 and 1.45, respectively. The 100‐year storm is therefore 0.99 2.32 ⋅ 4.81 2.32 ∗ 1.45 ln 8.174 ln 3547 m /s These flows are different by a factor of 3! This is likely due to the relatively short period of record (25 years) and the fact that multiple quite different distributions could fit this data. 7) 8.16 from Chin Text Assume the question asks for the probability in any given year of exceeding the channel capacity Given 620 311 , Capacity =780 , log normal distribution ? 780; Convert mean and std deviation to equivalent log mean and log std dev 1 ln 1 2 ln 1 ln 1 2 ln 620 ln 1 ln 1...
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