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1 Part of STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM 1 (and comprehensive final): BIODIVERSITY tropics biodiversity ecological footprint hyperconsumerism urban sprawl prokaryote vs. eukaryote unicellular vs. multicellular binomial nomenclature autotrophic vs. heterotrophic absorption vs. ingestion population species taxon (taxa) phylogenies sexual versus asexual morphospecies versus biological species lower, primitive, ancestral vs. higher, advanced, derived Approximately how many species have been identified and named? Approximately how many more species probably remain to be identified: hundreds?, thousands? tens of thousands? millions? or billions? There have been extinctions throughout history; what's the big deal about current extinctions? Why do people care about loss of biodiversity (4 reasons given in class) What does there being 6 billion humans and this reaching 9 billion by 2050 years have to do with the loss? What does urban sprawl have to do with the loss? Per acre, can you support more people by feeding them plants or animals? Explain why.
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