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ECN131_Syllabus_FQ13 - Economics 131(A01 A02 Public Finance...

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Economics 131 (A01 & A02) Public Finance Fall Quarter 2013 Contact Info: Instructor: Elira Kuka Department of Economics 141 Social Science & Humanities Building [email protected] Office hours: Tue 11-12pm, Thu 2:30-3:30pm, and by appointment Teaching Assistant: Esra Kose Department of Economics 115 Social Science & Humanities Building [email protected] Office hours: Tue 2-4pm Course Meets: Discussion Section: MWF 9:00-9:50am Monday 6:10-8pm HART 1150 HOAGLD 108 This course covers the economics of taxation, understanding the existing and proposed U.S. tax provisions, tax incidence, optimal taxation, and the impact of taxes on labor supply, savings, etc. The main objective is for you to emerge from this class better able to thoughtfully participate in current economic discussions of taxation and tax reform. This class will draw heavily on microeconomic theory (hence the prerequisite of ECN 100 is necessary), which will be combined with historical and institutional details specific to the U.S. tax code, as well current economic research on the topic. This course should help you to develop: An understanding of the structure of taxes in the U.S, An understanding of the competing goals of tax systems An awareness of who bears the burden of taxation An understanding of the impacts and consequences of taxation Familiarity with tools and vocabulary of economics to analyze the consequences of and changes in behavior that result from specific tax structures. Course Readings: The main textbook for this course is Public Finance and Public Policy, 4th ed. by Jonathan Gruber, available in the campus bookstore. A previous edition of the text is acceptable but you are responsible for checking for discrepancies between your edition and the current edition.
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