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Important dates midterm 1 wednesday oct 23rd midterm

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Unformatted text preview: d a final exam (35%). Important Dates: Midterm 1: Wednesday Oct. 23rd Midterm 2: Wednesday Nov. 20st Final: Thursday Dec. 12th If you cannot make the exam times for any reason, do not register for this course. No alternative arrangements are possible for the exams. Sections: The teaching assistant for the course is Esra Kose. Esra will conduct weekly section meetings in which some of the more technical aspects of the lecture and related problems will be reviewed. CLASS POLICIES Clarity: The ability to answer a question not just correctly but clearly is critical, both in class and in the workplace (and in life). Answers which are vague, incomplete, messy, incomprehensible or otherwise unclear will have points taken off, even if the content of the answer is technically correct. Re-grades: If you feel an assignment or exam has been graded incorrectly, a request for a re-grade must be submitted to me in writing within 1 week of the day when the assignment was handed back. The written request must contain a concise explanation of the portion which was...
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