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O madrian and shea 2001 the power of suggestion

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Unformatted text preview: and Middle-Income Families: Evidence from a Field Experiment with H&R Block.” o Madrian and Shea (2001) “The Power of Suggestion: Inertia in 401(k) Participation and Savings Behavior” - Wealth Taxation: Chapter 23 - HW3 Due on Wednesday Nov. 6th Week of Nov. 13th (11/13, 11/15) - Corporate Taxation: Chapter 24 - Note: no class on Monday Nov. 11 (Veterans Day) Week of Nov. 18th (11/18, 11/20, 11/22) - Corporate Taxation: Chapter 24 o Chetty and Saez (2006) “The Effects of the 2003 Dividend Tax Cut on Corporate Behavior: Interpreting the Evidence” - Tax Reform: Chapter 25 - HW4 Due on Monday Nov. 18th - MT2 on Wednesday Nov. 20th Week of Nov. 25th (11/25, 11/27) - Tax Reform: Chapter 25 - Poverty and Inequality: Chapter 17 o Piketty and Saez (2003) “Income Inequality in the United States: 1913-1998” - Note: No class nor sections on Friday Nov. 29th (Thanksgiving) Week of Dec. 2nd (12/02, 12/04, 12/06) - Poverty and Inequality: Chapter 17 - Topic on either: Education, Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, Health Insurance: Chapters 11, 13, 14, 15 (Time Permitting) - Review for the Final - HW5 Due on Wednesday Dec. 4th - Final on Thursday Dec. 12th...
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