kottak ch 2 distinctive features of culture

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Unformatted text preview: What is Culture?”) Kottak Ch. 2 Distinctive features of culture Acculturation / Enculturation Core values Cultural relativism / Ethnocentrism Diffusion Independent invention Globalization International/ National culture Particularity Subcultures Symbol Universal Variables Lecture #5 (“Ethnicity and Race”): Kottak Ch. 17 Human biological diversity Ethnic group Ethnicity Race Racism Race and Ethnicity as folk models Race and Ethnicity as social constructions Ascribed status / Achieved status Hypodescent in the US Stratified society Burakumin in Japan Phenotype and Fluidity in Brazil Benedict Anderson Nation as an imagined community Exam 1 Review Sheet Anthropology 101, Fall 2012 Assimilation Plural society Multiculturalism Lecture #6 (“Evolution and Genetics”): Kottak Ch. 4 Creationism Catastrophism Evolutionism Uniformitarianism Darwin /Wallace and theory of natural selection Mendelian genetics Population genetics Gene Allele Recessive/ dominant genes Heterozygous / Homozygous Genotype / Phenotype Independent assortment Gene pool Mechanisms of Genetic Evolution: Natural selection (directional selection; stabilizing selection; sexual selection, balanced polymorphism) Mutation Random genetic drift Gene flow Melanin Cline Haplogroup Tropics Skin color Rickets Biological variation Phenotypical adaptation Allen's, Bergmann’s, and Thomson’s Rule Sickle-cell anemia Blood type Smallpox Species / Speciation Punctuated equilibrium Macroevolution / Microevoluti...
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