5 planet of the apes taxonomy homologies analogies

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Unformatted text preview: on Lecture #7 (“Primates”): Kottak Ch. 5 Planet of the Apes Taxonomy Homologies Analogies Convergent evolution Primate evolutionary tendencies Prosimians vs. Anthropoids Apes vs. Monkeys New World vs. Old World Monkeys Pay attention to: Platyrrhines vs. Catarrhines Sexual dimorphism Diet, locomotion, and social arrangements of orangutans, gorillas, chimps and bonobos. Things we think only humans do: Learning Tool use Hunting Symbolic communication Similarities and differences between humans and other primates Lecture #8 (“Early Hominins”): Kottak Ch. 6 Hominid Vs. Hominin Earliest Hominins Hominin taxonomy Hogopan Bipedalism and possible causes Bipedalism and physiological traits / Skull & Skeleton Bipedalism / Birth Canal “Lucy” and “Ardi” Dentition and nutrition habits – Role in Evolution Brain and nutrition habits – Role in Evolution Genus Australopithecus and its members – approximate time & locations – evolutionary traits Gracile and Robust Australopithecines Homo habilis Oldowan Tools Capacity...
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