What is the nal temperature when all of the ice is

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Unformatted text preview: 4120 J/goC C= ! q 4120 J J = =2 o m"T 100 g(20 o C ) gC Concept QuesKon StarRng as ice at  ­20oC, 100 g of water was heated. What is the ΔHvap? A.  2.26 kJ/mol B. 40.6 kJ/mol C 225 kJ/mol D. 752 kJ/mol "H vap ( 305 # 79.32) kJ $ 18 g ' = & ) %1mol ( 100 g ΔHfus H2O = 333 J/g Cs,H2O = 4.184 J/goC Problem 1 Suppose that you add a 15.0 g ice cube at 0.0oC to 200.0g of room temperature (25oC) water. What is the final temperature when all of the ice is melted and the system has come to thermal equilibrium? Assume that the only heat exchange was between the water and the ice. 25oC qice = "q H 2O qmelt + q"Ticewater = #q"Twarmwater water 0oC mice "H fus + mice * Cs, H 2O "Ticewater ! melRng ice = #mwarmH 2O * Cs, H 2O "Twarmwater J J J 15 g * 33...
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