Relevant phase changes hvap evaporaron q n hvap

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Unformatted text preview: porizaRon q = nΔHvap q=mCs,waterΔΤ 0oC  ­20oC melRng q = nΔHfus q=mCs,iceΔΤ q added Phase changes occur at constant T, heat energy used to break IMF (potenRal) Phase changes occur at constant P, so ΔH is relevant Phase changes: ΔHvap evaporaRon q = n ΔHvap condensaRon q =  ­nΔHvap ΔHfus melRng q = n ΔHfus freezing q =  ­n ΔHfus ΔHsub = ΔHfus + ΔHvap ΔHvap > ΔHfus Figure 8.25 CHEMICAL PRINCIPLES|ATKINS|JONES|LAVERMAN ©2013 W. H. FREEMAN AND COMPANY CHEMICAL PRINC...
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