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Unformatted text preview: t gears. Note : This picture is given as additional information and is not a direct example of the current chapter. Chapter 13 : Gear Trains l 441 Table 13.3. Table of motions. Revolutions of elements Step No. Conditions of motion Arm A Compound gear D-E Gear B 1. Arm fixed-compound gear D - E rotated through + 1 revolution ( i .e . 1 rev. anticlockwise) 0 +1 – TE TB – TD TC 2. Arm fixed-compound gear D - E rotated through + x revolutions 0 +x – x× TE TB –x × TD TC 3. Add + y revolutions to all elements +y +y 4. Total motion +y x +y +y y –x× TE TB Gear C +y y –x × TD TC Since the gear B is fixed, therefore from the fourth row of the table, y –x× ∴ TE =0 TB or y –x× 45 =0 75 y – 0.6 = 0 ...(i) Also the arm A makes 100 r.p.m. clockwise, therefore y = – 100 ...(ii) Substituting y = – 100 in equation (i), we get – 100 – 0.6 x = 0 or x = – 100 / 0.6 = – 166.67 Hydraulic or Pneumatic Speed Change Actuator Ratio Detection Switches Round Housing With O-ring Seated Cooling Jacket Motor Flange Hollow Through Bore for Drawbar Integration OUTPUT- External Spline to Spindle INPUT Spline to Accept Motor Shaft Housing OD Designed to meet RAM Bore Dia, and Share Motor Coolant Supply Model of sun and planet gears. 442 l Theory of Machines From the fourth row of the table, speed of gear C, NC = y – x × 90 TD = – 100 + 166.67 × = + 400 r.p.m. 30 TC = 400 r.p.m. (anticlockwise) Ans. 13.9. Compound Epicyclic Gear Train—Sun and Planet Gear A compound epicyclic gear train is shown in Fig. 13.9. It consists of two co-axial shafts S1 and S 2, an annulus gear A which is fixed, the compound gear (or planet gear) B -C, the sun gear D and the arm H. The annulus gear has internal teeth and the compound gear is carried by the arm and revolves freely on a pin of the arm H. The sun gear is co-axial with the annulus gear and the arm but independent of them. Speed Change Shift Axis Bearing Housing Output Belt Pulley The annulus gear A meshes with the gear B and the Slide Dog sun gear D meshes with the gea...
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